Saamaynta uu Covid-19 ku yeeshay waxbarashada iyo barbaarinta carruurta

Dr Shamsudiin Abiikar ayaa faahfaahin ka bixinaya, kana jawaabaya su’aalo la xidhiidha Covid-19 iyo isbedelka iyo sida uu u saameeyay habkii iyo hanaankii waxbarashada iyo barbaarinta carruurta.

Dr Shamsudin Abikar discusses and answers questions regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the teaching and learning of children, and their development.

‘The law is just and fair but those who deliver services are not fair’ – Bristol FGM model?

Bristol’s FGM model, which has the full support of the politically elected leadership – both Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees, and Police Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset, Sue Mountstevens – is detrimental not only to the welfare and safeguarding of young girls, but also to the work of law reinforcement officers who always need to take ‘evidence-based’ approach. For instance, the number of girls at risk of FGM in Bristol is based on estimates as there are no reliable data available; the NHS data on FGM has been “falsely inflated” and FGM cases performed in this country were actually legal piercings carried out on adults…