Codkaagu yaanu ku ciilin; dooro qofka dantaada ka shaqeynaya – Doorashooyinka Bristol May 2016

Maayarkii 2012kii Bristol loo doortay wuxuu hoos u dhigay awoodii xildhibaanada golaha deegaanka. Xildhibaanadu “si taban ayay u arkayeen, halka hoggaamiyeyaasha bulshada, ganacsatada, iyo ururada bulshadu ay isku raaceen in hab-maamuleedka maayarnimadu uu dantii Bristol si fiican uga shaqeeyay.” Si kastaba ha ahaatee, habka maayarnimadu danta bulshooyinka magaalada degan si siman oo isku mid ah ugumuu shaqayn.

The only time I feel included is during the election campaign, says Somali voter – Bristol mayoral election 2016

The only time I feel included is during the election campaign, when politicians knock my door and convince me they will solve all our problems if we elect them,” … “As a Somali woman, the local elections don’t mean much to me because politicians become invisible after they get elected. And although I don’t believe they will keep their promises, I vote for them – same as many other Somali friends.

‘Somali youth in Bristol left voiceless’

The “Somali sex abuse gang” headlines had sent shock waves through the Somali communities in Bristol and in the UK – and elsewhere. Somali speaking media had shown interest … and many others had taken on social media cursing Bristol Somalis and accusing them …

Families left behind

Somali diaspora men and women are returning to Somalia by choice, leaving their families in the safety and security of Britain, but bidding farewell to their loved ones has had notable implications to the families left behind in the UK.

Dirty Blood Operating Inside the Architects of the Social System in Somalia, writes Said Mohamud

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh follows the footsteps of the armed oppositional religious leader and their organizational structure. The main aim of this approach is to infringe the intellectual properties of this organization and reform it in an unimpeachable, plausible association. Inexperienced, unskilled youth are mainly used as the bad force to carry out covert executions, corruptions, and mismanagement of public administrations.

Cash is king

Somali business folk must understand that when in Rome they must do as the Romans do. This is a vital lesson. In Somalia it was easy to lend to your neighbour or long term customers and trust them to pay on time when agreed. Even without much written law, customs are strong and bind an entire community together. The respect of an individual depends on their ability to honour their obligations and debt. Unlike going bankrupt in England and America, once the business community has lost faith and trust in a person or group in Somalia, they are ostracised by everyone else.