BME: EU – In or Out Debate

Bristol European Referendum Debate on Race Equality- you decide! The EU debate, and race equality will be one of the largest discussions on the subject in Bristol. Three racial equality organisations are teaming up to put on a European Referendum debate in Bristol on the 26th of May. Voice4Change England, Operation Black Vote and the Black South West Network are holding this crucial debate from 6:30-8:30 in the evening at M Shed in Bristol, to encourage and promote voter registration ahead of next month’s referendum.

Somali Festival Bristol

The Somali Festival Bristol aims to celebrate not only the cultural heritage of the Somalis but the community’s presence in the city too. The festival will be held at the City Academy Bristol on Friday, 30th October 2015 – from 12:00 to 21:00 hours.

The Somali Festival Bristol is a sister to the week-long Somali Festival in London that is curated by Kayd and will similarly focus on the concept of ‘spaces’, what they mean, and how they are used, for ‘Aqoon la’aani waa iftiin la’aan – The absence of knowledge is the absence of light’ and we wish to fill these spaces with light. Thus the event will present Somali artists and academics, including Anab Guled, AbdiRahman Barwaaqo, Professor Awo Abdi, Ibrahim Hersi Hurre and Suuban’s Somali play ‘Struggle’, as well as the Bristol-based author and Somali playwright Abdillahi Mohabe – please see the attached documents for full details of the festival programme.

Gang and Knife Event

PRESS RELEASE   21st October 2008   Kayse Maxamed, Editor, the Somali Voice Gang and Knife Awareness Event for Somali … More