King of the Endz


A poem based on research and conversations with former drug dealers.

My mum says I am a dealer

My boys say I am the man

Mum says I am a disgrace

Boys say I am the boss

My mum says study

But my teacher knows I am not going anywhere.

My mum shouts change

But what other choices are there?


There’s high youth unemployment the BBC says

But I am fine

Jobcentres got jobs I hear

But I am not an employee

I can get an apprenticeship they say

But I am making dough with my skills

Schools the way forward I am told

But it’s where dreams are buried

The streets are rough they say

But they’re paved with gold.


Broken families are to blame the men in suits say

But mine never existed

Families should live together we are told

But mine is on road

Strong families are loving it is claimed

Mine is a source of payment

Family is love

Mine is for protection.


War on drugs they promise

War on themselves

Better education they say

Same shit teaching

Better jobs for the educated

More money for me.

Cops promise they’ll catch me some day

Good luck I say

I am causing misery they plead

Who cares for me I ask

We’ll lock you up and throw away the key they smile

I need a holiday sometimes I think.


We have no snitches in my family

They know the punishments severe

When I walk they see me

When I talk they hear me

I pay and I punish

I protect and I destroy

I am the BIG man

The king of the Endz.


Liban Obsiye









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