Having a job: the best defence against social exclusion?

One year on from the devastating and destructive London riots, it appears as though things are getting worse as the economy is still unable to provide the opportunities young people need to escape poverty in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. BSMG to commemorate the first anniversary of the riots publishes an academic essay exploring the root causes of social exclusion which ignited into a near week of terror across major UK cities. An antidote for all of today’s young people’s ills is seen as employment but is this enough for the creation of an inclusive society today? We do not think so.

Attacking the poor will not solve Britain’s economic woes

Cameron and his Liberal Democrat friends ought to be paying bonuses to their marketing managers as they have successfully turned the victims of gentrification against each other. The vilification of the poor has been a Tory policy from the beginning and its impact is now clear. Yes, £26,000 pounds in benefits sounds excessive but not all non-working families will get it, only those who live in the most expensive parts of Britain’s wealthiest cities. Most that will receive it are also in work and it is as a result of the extortionate housing costs and disgracefully low pay that the State has had to step in to support them.

King of the Endz

My mum says I am a dealer
My boys say I am the man
Mum says I am a disgrace
Boys say I am the boss
My mum says study
But my teacher knows I am not going anywhere.
My mum shouts change
But what other choices are there?