Somalis don’t want favour, but demand ‘fair treatment’

The time has come the Somali voters make sure that their votes cannot be taken for granted. They must understand who is best to serve their interests before they decide. At the same time, they should challenge the status quo by not being silent about issues that affect their daily lives because, as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Dhalinyarada Somaaliyeed ee Bristol oo aan bulshada ka dhex muuqan, codkooduna qarsoonyahay

Warbixin laga soosaaray hawlgalii Brooke ayaa cadaysay, inkastoo dhamaan inamadii la xidhay ay Soomaali ahaayeen, in “aanay jirin wax cadaynaya in isirkooda iyo dhaqankoodu uu qayb ka ahaa wixii dhacay”. Waxa kale oo ay warbixintu cadaysay in “inamada la xidhay aanay ahayn kuwo isku duubnaa” oo dhacdadan si qorshaysan u fuluiyay. Tani waxay ka soo horjeedaa wararkii sida aadka ah saxaafaddu u baahisay ee ahaa in ay ahaayeen koox abaabulan oo u soo tabaabushaystay in ay si qorsheysan dembiyada u fuliyaan.

Kenya: What crimes against the innocent are perpetrated in your name?

As Somalophobia is allowed to take hold and in certain quarters is actively encouraged it is regrettable that nations that are the usual cheer leaders of human rights have manifestly failed to condemn the human wrongs taking place in Nairobi and elsewhere. Political expediency and a multiplicity of base motives have ensured a silence that is near deafening. Incarcerations, beatings and the carting off of innocent citizens including women and children to Kasarani stadium have nothing to do with a so-called war on terror. The shameful treatment of Somalis & Somali Kenyans continues at Shauri Molo and Pangani Police Stations, Nairobi where large numbers of women and children are being held in degrading and insanitary conditions for the sole purpose of extorting money.

Dirty Blood Operating Inside the Architects of the Social System in Somalia, writes Said Mohamud

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh follows the footsteps of the armed oppositional religious leader and their organizational structure. The main aim of this approach is to infringe the intellectual properties of this organization and reform it in an unimpeachable, plausible association. Inexperienced, unskilled youth are mainly used as the bad force to carry out covert executions, corruptions, and mismanagement of public administrations.