Dirty Blood Operating Inside the Architects of the Social System in Somalia, writes Said Mohamud

The current Somalia leader, [Hassan Sheikh], presents himself as an innovative faction leader. He follows the footsteps of the armed oppositional religious leader and their organizational structure. The main aim of this approach is to infringe the intellectual properties of this organization and reform it in an unimpeachable, plausible association. Inexperienced, unskilled youth are mainly used as the bad force to carry out covert executions, corruptions, and mismanagement of public administrations….The idea behind deploying unqualified young organizational cadres is their ability to do dirty jobs and in merit to be compensated to climb the carrier ladder in fast pace. You might notice that some of them have got the highest rank in the military in less than four years of being in the job. The current regime benefits by utilizing the youth who had no opportunity of formal education or jobs.

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