Sheffield City Council Acknowledges Somalilanders’ Contribution, Votes to Recognise their Country as a Sovereign State

Notice of Motion Given By Councillor Mohammad Maroof, Labour

That this Council:
(a)       notes that thousands of people from Somaliland live in Sheffield and recognise and appreciate the important contribution they make to the City and the close ties Sheffield has with Somaliland;
(b)       supports the Somaliland community in Sheffield and their campaign to have Somaliland recognised as a sovereign state and gain a seat in the UN, with reasons for recognition including:
(i)         the Somaliland government believes that recognition would entrench democracy in the Horn of Africa;
(ii)        recognising Somaliland will aim to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism, extremism, piracy, illegal fishing, toxic dumping, and other serious crimes; and
(iii)       the marketing of Somaliland as a safe tourist destination, primarily cultural and eco-tourism could also emerge as an important segment of the Somaliland economy;
(c)        notes that since 1991 Somaliland have had a democratically elected Government and President, in this time there have been 4 elections and changes of president, it looks after international waters with no piracy, it has opposition parties and is not a recipient of international aid;
(d)       believes that recognition will help to bring about stability in Somaliland, creating a situation where people can live in peace and harmony with the support of the International Community, and that recognition would bring international banks, jobs and finance;
(e)       welcomes the support for this campaign by local MP’s Paul Blomfield and Clive Betts and the work they are doing with the Cross Party Somaliland Group and would encourage other local MP’s to also support this Group; and
(f)        calls upon the Government to recognise Somaliland as an independent state and to encourage other Governments around the world to do the same.

To find details of the meeting click here

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