Diversity on screen questioned by top black TV presenter

Sebastian Shakespeare: Why has the BBC sacked me, asks top black TV presenter

‘It beats me why the BBC has brought my news contribution to a premature close at a time when national debate is crying out for greater diversity and experience on screen and behind it.

‘BAME [Black And Minority Ethnic] people on screen are as important as BAME people in a police uniform.’

Barling, who is also a professor of journalism at Middlesex University, London, left the BBC on Friday after more than 24 years with the Corporation.

As well as working for all the news bulletins, The Money Programme, Newsnight and Money Box, he presented a string of documentaries including one about the murder of PC Keith Blakelock in the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham. Barling rescued his own future brother-in-law from the riots.

Read More: Sebastian Shakespeare: Why has the BBC sacked me, asks top black TV presenter | Daily Mail 

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