Curad (first born): A poem

A poem about accidental leadership.

First born,

First loved,

First child,

First pain,

First smile, first practice

First Prince,

Future King.

Dictator in charge,

No chance of coups,

First on the list,

Last for blame,

The great divider,

Ultimate unifier.

One of many,

Yet still the first,

King of the castle

But with waiting heirs,

Lover, bully, pretender

Son, brother, friend, hero

But still a child.

Bearded, tired and free,

Still first born,

Mediator, protector, provider,

Lion, eagle and an owl,

Heir to the throne,

No longer pretending.

First born, First smile,

Last pain.

Liban Obsiye

@LibanObsiye (Twitter).

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