Sudanese President al-Bashir visited Eritrea despite ICC Warrant

Responding to an invitation by his Eritrean counterpart, president al-Bashir flew out to the neighboring country on monday amidst mounting fears that the court and its backers may make good on their diabolical threats to kidnap him.

The momentous visit is a clear statement that Sudan will not be intimidated by those who seek to harm the country. It signals the determination of its people to continue their diligent work towards peace in spite of the omnipresent threats that seek to stifle these efforts. Their march will not be arrested by fear.

This visit, the first of many more to come, also shows that Sudan is not alone in its fight against neo-colonialism. Eritrea has been in the forefront of this struggle. It has been the victim of imperialists who see the President’s resolve to retain Eritrea for Eritreans as threat to their own malevolent ambitions. It is in solidarity that this indomitable country opens its doors to Sudan.

In fact it is the majority of the World that stands behind Sudan. The African Union, the Arab League, the Non-aligned Movement, China, Russia, and many more have voiced their rejection of this hostility against Sudan. They understand very well the design and maneuvers of the true architects of the ICC and know that it is a conspiracy that can as easily be meted out against any.

Sudan affirms its commitment to peace and calls on its partners to work against the tide of imperialism that seeks to subordinate and exploit the world for the benefit of the very few.

President Al-Bashir back home after visit to Eritrea

Khartoum, March 23 (SUNA)- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir returned home Monday evening after a one-day official visit to Eritrea during which he held talks with Eritrean President Issias Afeworki on progress of bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Alor said in a press statement at Khartoum Airport that the visit of the President of the Republic to Eritrea came at the invitation of his brother President Issias Afeworki, pointing out that the huge gatherings of people that received President Al-Bashir in Asmara genuinely reflected the solidarity of the Eritrean government and people with Sudan against the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC), describing the visit as successful.

He pointed out that the meetings between the two Presidents tackled joint visions and ideas, indicating that the Eritrean President expressed his full solidarity with Sudan. Press Secretary of the President of the Republic Mahgoub Fadl Badri, on his part, pointed out that the visit was an opportunity for forming a wide front against the countries of aggression and the suspicious international organizations that work to incriminate Sudan, saying that the Eritrean President declared the stand of the government and people of his country beside Sudan against the allegations of the ICC.

He indicated that the talks between Presidents Al-Bashir and Afeworki focused on confronting the new hostile campaign from the powers of aggression and new colonialism. Badri added that President Al-Bashir lauded the Eritrean stance, calling for opening of the border between Sudan and Eritrea to enable the citizens move freely between the two countries as the Horn of Africa is considered an area of trade and connection among peoples.

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