What can African leaders learn from Brazil?

According to the Centre of Economic and Business Research, Brazil made a historical leap in this year’s annual global economic league tables because of its vast reserves of natural resources and its growing cash rich middle class who are spending as Europeans and Americans tighten their belts as a result of the global financial crisis. There is much for African leaders to learn from a country that was once just like theirs in every imaginable way.

Europe: A place of broken dreams

Despite warnings of the difficulties ahead, sometimes even in the form of floating dead bodies in the treacherous seas, refugees risk everything to reach Europe in the hope of what they believe to be a good life; they believe that the grass is greener on the European side… The grass for many in Africa, naturally, especially in Somalia, will always be greener on the European side. But upon arrival reality will certainly surprise them. In fact, Europe’s lights do not shine as brightly when one experiences life here as when one does not.